Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Southboro Stops

This morning, I stopped at 3 places I don't often visit in Southboro.

Rural Cemetery (Route 85):

It was pretty quiet bird-wise in the cemetery because the DPW was doing spring cleanup, and mowing and buzzing are not conducive to seeing birds.

Baltimore Oriole

Middle Road (along Sudbury Reservoir Trail):

I caught a distant glimpse of the Canada goose family that I saw on Parkerville Road the other day.  I couldn't get a count of the babies without binoculars, but hope they are all still doing well.  A mute swan also swam gracefully through the water here.  Another distant view held two Double Crested Cormorants out on a rock in the middle of the water.  A hawk (I think it's a red-tailed) circled overhead, and a Baltimore Oriole and a House Wren sang in the trees.

Fayville Park (Central Street):

I thought I might see something interesting in the trees along the reservoir, but never made it off the playing field because I was distracted by barn swallows.  I tried and tried to take photos of them as they swooped towards me and sometimes flew right over my head.  I need a lot more practice to speed up my reaction time, and of course, I had to stop and get to work!

 Barn Swallow
(The only swallow with a deeply forked tail)

Meanwhile, back at home, my resident female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird was sitting a long time on the shepherd's hook that holds its feeder.  Such a cooperative model, especially in contrast to the Barn Swallows!  While I was snapping photos of her, she stuck out her tongue!  I was so mesmerized by the sight of it that I didn't take a single photo while it happened!  I hope she does it again so that I get a 2nd chance!

Also, a small, gray-brown House Wren was singing a beautiful song at the top of the neighbor's brush pile.


  1. Are those blooms called Bleeding Hearts? The Hummingbird is great!

    1. Hi Maria, Yes, the first photo is of Bleeding Hearts. I should have included the name! Sorry! I love the tiny feathers on that hummingbird. So cute!