Monday, May 27, 2013

River Bend Farm

I wanted to go somewhere today that I don't usually have time to visit, so I drove over to Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.    It was a beautiful morning, after so much rain and darkness the past two days.  Birds were singing all over the place, and butterflies were also showing up in the meadow!

Common Yellowthroat
singing his heart out right next to the parking lot

The Towpath

Baltimore Oriole

another Common Yellowthroat

Orchard Oriole
1st summer - male

Common Yellowthroat (!)
I don't get tired of this beautiful bird.  It's uncommonly beautiful!



Ebony Jewelwing - female


Great Blue Heron

Pearl Crescent on Little Bluet

possible Fragile Forktail Damselfly

Peck's Skipper on Little Bluet

Clouded Sulphur


  1. What a lovely place to go for a walk and what an amazing variety of birds and butterflies you saw. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks, Nick. It really was beautiful! I also saw two men bow-fishing there, which I had never seen before. I watched a very short while, but I guess the fish were not very active due to the cold nights this weekend.