Monday, May 13, 2013

Birding Along Sudbury Reservoir Trail

I stopped in Southboro this morning before work, hoping for some warblers since I had luck with a Black-and-White a couple days ago.  No warblers, but I enjoyed a good variety of birds:

  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. American Goldfinch
  3. House Sparrows
  4. Song Sparrows
  5. Green Heron
  6. Gray Catbirds
  7. Northern Cardinals
  8. Barn Swallows
  9. Tree Swallows
  10. Eastern Kingbird
  11. American Robins
  12. Canada geese
  13. Mute Swan

 Baltimore Oriole

 Is that the beginnings of a nest  just above the bird and to the left?  I will check on this again in the future.

Eastern Kingbird (first of year)

 Green Heron (first of year)
stretching his neck to check me out

Green Heron
classic silhouette


  1. I started my blog with birds, but have now shifted to flowers more; I still shoot them when I can.