Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch at Hopkinton State Park

I really didn't have a plan on where to go today but found myself curious about Hopkinton State Park since I had missed so many mornings there due to the gates being closed.  There was a lot of bird activity there, and I'm glad I stopped.

Canada geese
(4 adults -- not all photographed, 9 juvenals)

Eastern Kingbird

Warbling Vireo

Baltimore Oriole (female)

Chipping Sparrow

Baltimore Oriole (male)

 Barn Swallow (gathering mud for nest)

Barn Swallow in its nest

Tree Swallow

Tree swallows were also working on building their nest.  There is a bird nesting box on the wall right next to this location; but, rather than use that (!), these birds chose to build in this opening in the eaves.  I wonder if they made the opening, or if the cover really fell off on its own?

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