Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Blue Jays

Today it was 91 degrees at lunchtime, and I did not feel like sweating out in the heat.  I drove through Wildwood, hoping to casually bird through my car window!  I found the blue jay nest full of little jays!  How sweet!  I saw at least three, but there may be more that were not visible....

  1. Blue Jays lay an average of 4-5 eggs which are then incubated for 17-18 days.
  2. When the eggs hatch, the babies are naked, limp and their eyes are closed.
  3. The female broods them for the first 8-12 days, and the male brings food.
  4. After 12 days, both parents participate in food gathering, the babies grow feathers, gain strength and open their eyes.  
  5. Blue Jays typically leave the nest about 3 weeks after they are born but stay with and are fed by their parents for another 4-8 weeks.

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