Friday, May 3, 2013

Hermit Thrush

I've been looking for a Hermit Thrush the last few times I walked at Waseeka, hoping to add it to my year list.  Today I found one!  Other notables were a Mourning Cloak butterfly and a Brown Creeper.  Another beautiful day!  Everything I spotted today was a shade of brown ~~ not as bright and beautiful as the warblers, but still nice!

 Hermit Thrush

Mourning Cloak

 Brown Creeper

I just heard through a fellow photographer that the weekend we were in New Jersey, there was a forest fire at Waseeka, affecting about 40 acres.  The firefighters had trouble because there were no hydrants near the fire.  They were using rakes to try to keep it from spreading.  Forty acres is pretty significant for Massachusetts wildfires!  We were discussing how neat it will be to watch the forest recover and regrow.   I hope to get some photos of this burned area soon.....but there's so much to see and do this time of year!

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