Monday, May 6, 2013

Foggy Morning at Farm Pond

The fog was thick this morning, but the sun was trying to burn through it, so I knew it wouldn't last.  I headed over to Hopkinton State Park and was irritated to find the gates closed.  Come on!  Could it really be that dangerous in there?

My backup plan was Farm Pond in Framingham.  It turned out to be a good morning stop!

The ever-present mute swans

emerging from the fog

There were dozens of spider webs along the water's edge that were showing up nicely because they were speckled with tiny dewdrops.  Really pretty!  I wish I would have used a macro lens and gotten a closer shot of the tiny drops!

This female Red-Winged Blackbird was gathering nesting materials.  (Click to enlarge)

It struck me as I turned away from the monochromatic foggy pond that the woods were a sharp contrast of bright and varied colors!

I heard a beautiful liquid birdsong when I first arrived that I didn't recognize (or should I say remember - because I have learned it other years).  I realized I had left my binoculars in the car, so I ran back to get them.  Of course, the bird had moved on by the time I had my binoculars.  But....lucky for me, as I was getting ready to leave, I heard it again and was able to spot my first-of-year Baltimore Oriole high in the treetops.  LOVE IT!

Blue Jays

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