Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Orchard Orioles

With it being another dark and dreary day, I decided to drive over to Wildwood Cemetery at lunch to check on the Blue Jay nest, something I could do from the car rather than risk a rainy hike in the woods.  None of my pictures came out too well, but I guess they serve to document what I saw.

As soon as I entered the cemetery, three Baltimore Orioles flew across the road in front of me.  Lynn, you must come visit in May some time!  I only managed one blurry photo, but you'll have to trust me when I say, I'm still seeing them regularly.

Baltimore Oriole

The jay was still incubating, but I the babies must be coming soon.  Blue Jays incubate for about 17-18 days.  I first noticed this nest on May 1st (I think they were constructing it then) but saw a Blue Jay sitting on it as early as May 9th.  It is possible that there were babies in the nest today.....the jay was looking into the nest a lot and poking about inside the nest....but I couldn't see them.

Blue Jay

baby American Robin

I just missed a parent coming and jamming some food down this baby Robin's throat.  Rats!

My iris at home were beaten down in last weekend's wind and rain, so it is nice to see that others survived the bad weather.

Orchard Oriole (male)

This was my 1st solo sighting of an adult male Orchard Oriole!

Orchard Oriole (female)

I was very excited that I had seen a new bird!  I looked up match.  I looked up match.  I couldn't think what else to look for, so I gave up and looked up the male Orchard Oriole that I had also seen.  And guess what, that's where I found the match in the female Orchard Oriole.  Go figure!  This did not add a new bird to my year list or life list, but was still a nice sighting, especially since it is a breeding bird.

Orchard Oriole (female)

Guess what she's up to?  This is a popular tree.  Last year I found a pair of Baltimore Orioles nesting here.

And, here's a brief video of a Red-Tailed Hawk's visit to this same tree where, needless to say, it was not welcome at all.

Red-Tailed Hawk
(getting mobbed by various nervous birds as if left the tree)

And you can see just how lovely our weather is today.  UGH.

Also seen:  Brown-Headed Cowbird, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, European Starlings, Mourning Dove, Northern Flicker, Northern Mockingbird, Eastern Kingbird, and Tree Swallow

[Click on any photo to see an enlargement.]

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