Thursday, May 16, 2013

Forbush Bird Club Whip-Poor-Will Field Trip

I arrived about a half an hour late to the Bolton Flats portion of the field trip.  Even then, I had trouble working my way back to the group because I was being distracted by all kinds of singing birds near the parking lot.  The first one was a Warbling Vireo, a plain bird without interesting field markings, but I was happy to get a good view of it.  The Yellow Warblers were around, again, and I was able to get one cooperative model.

The fields have dried up, so there were no water birds, just killdeer and lots of swallows (tree and barn).  They were just having a look at the Virginia Rail as I joined the group, and I did hear the American Bittern pumping (back near the parking lot).  As we were leaving, we saw three White-Crowned Sparrows, a life bird, and I was able to get a photo!  We also had a quick look at a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher near the parking lot and some heard a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak and a Scarlet Tanager, but I didn't see either or recognize their calls.

 Warbling Vireo

Yellow Warbler

White-Crowned Sparrow
(click to enlarge)

From here, we moved on to Pine Hills where we saw a Vesper Sparrow, a Field Sparrow, an American Woodcock peenting and displaying (repeatedly), a Common Nighthawk (flying overhead) and we enjoyed the calls of several Eastern Whip-Poor-Wills (my first ever even hearing these birds) and an Eastern Towhee.  By this time it was almost 9PM and getting dark.  The moon was just a sliver and a couple planets were visible.  A pretty night!

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