Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Morning at Waseeka

I took the day off work today and thought I'd go to Mt. Auburn and look for warblers, but the thought of "warbler neck" really didn't appeal to me when I got up today, so I went back to Waseeka this morning, to spend as much time there as I wanted without having to rush back to work.

Chipping Sparrow

Brown Creeper

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Sassafrass Trail

White-Breasted Nuthatch 
(leaving its nesthole)


Signs of life returning to the burned area


 Great Crested Flycatcher (click for enlargement)

(I finally got a photo!!)

Funny thing about this Ovenbird...I had never seen one, but I went on a field trip a few years ago and they said that these birds foraged on the forest floor, are very camouflaged and therefore hard to see.  The description on the Cornell Lab or Ornithology web site calls it a "small inconspicuous bird of the forest floor".  Every time I walked at Waseeka, I heard these birds, and they always sounded like they were high in the trees.  I assumed they were just pointing their bills towards the sky and throwing their song.  I always tried to search the forest floor, but they were up in the trees.  I saw some movement in the trees, that coincided with the birdsong, and I was able to spot two different birds singing from tree branches.

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