Friday, June 5, 2015

Visit to Garden in the Woods

Turns out the electric company was doing network upgrades in our neighborhood, and the power had to be shut off this morning.  Since I work at home, that turned into unexpected free time!  Off to Garden in the Woods I went!


mating dragonflies

Eastern Painted Turtle

Painted Skimmer (female)

Delta-Spotted Spiketail

 Purple Pitcher plant

 Turkey Beard

(This is one of my favorite flowers at Garden in the Woods.  It is just soooo unique!)

 Silver-Spotted Skipper

 White Columbine

Sundial Lupine

 Wild Bleeding Heart

Peck's Skipper

Common Pondhawk (female)

 California Poppy

 White Spiderwort

 Hairy Woodpecker nestling

That video demonstrates how easy it was to locate this nest because of the amount of noise the little woodpecker was making, begging for food!  So cute!

 Ebony Jewelwing

 Yellow Ladyslipper

 Showy Ladyslipper

Northeastern Beardtongue

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