Thursday, June 25, 2015

Something New at BHCL

It's amazing how often I find something new at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  There is so much to learn... to learn to see... that I can still find new and interesting things for the first time.

Today's highlights:

A monarch (#3 for year) was flying over this section, but I didn't get a photo.

Calico Pennant

 Cabbage White

We had some rain, and now there are interesting mushrooms to see again!

I think this is a fledgling Song Sparrow who hasn't quite figured out all the mechanics of flying and landing.  It could not right itself on this branch!  It hung on for a few moments, then flew to the ground, where it continued to flutter and flap its wings.

 Little Wood Satyr

 Banded Hairstreak

(I never saw this before!  At first I thought it was an orchid,
but it is a member of the mint family.)

 and from a little bit farther away

 Yum! Black Raspberries, I believe
(No, I did not eat the one that's missing.)

 Spicebush Swallowtail

Are these galls?  I couldn't find a match in my insect book.

Sweet little baby bunny by the parking area.
  Mama was just on the other side of the wooden bridge.

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