Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baltimore Checkerspots!

Today was my second chance!  I saw Baltimore Checkerspots at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southboro, at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southboro and at Hopkinton State Park in Hopkinton!  Three for three!  It was the first time I saw one at BHCL.  Nice!  They are a gorgeous butterfly, and at least for today, I will claim it to be my favorite!

Chestnut Hill Farm:

Red-Winged Blackbird

Bobolink (female)

Bobolink (male)

Northern Flicker

The new goats (including these two sweet kids) were sleeping against the sun-warmed rocks.

Baltimore Checkerspot


Breakneck Hill Conservation Land:

Cedar Waxwing

Tree Swallows

St. John's Wort

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

Northern Cloudywing

Banded Hairstreak

 Great Spangled Fritillary

 Carolina Nightshade

 Baltimore Checkerspot (ovipositing)

Little Glassywing

Eastern Amberwing

Note to self:  Also saw 2nd of year Monarch, but it would not cooperate for a photo.

Hopkinton State Park:

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary:

Spangled Skimmer

Common Grackle


(the babies are still not born)

 Eastern Kingbird nest
(They grow up so fast!)

Scarlet Tanager

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