Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Visit to Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

I started the morning with a walk at Duxbury Beach.

Heart-Leaved Umbrella-Wort (non-native)
but pretty!

Willet (from the bridge)

 Piping Plover

Remember that Willet I saw back at the beginning?  On my way out, another one landed quite near it and made it very unhappy.  I can just imagine him saying, "This is my section of the beach!" as he chased the second one away.

On to Mass Audubon's Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, where I had some really nice bird sightings, but the deer flies were really annoying.

Purple Martins

I stopped in to the first Observation Blind on the pond loop trail.  There were already 4 people inside, and they had hung hats and other items in some of the open windows in an attempt to leave only one window open for the barn swallows to use to access their nests inside the blind.  That way, the photographers could get closeup flight shots as the birds entered the blind.  Really, though, the swallows came in to the blind quite rarely.

Barn Swallows
from Observation Blind #1

Green Heron after a successful hunting expedition
(also seen from Observation Blind #1)

 Look at those gorgeous feathers!

 Common Yellowthroat

 Bobolink (female)

 Bobolink (male)

 Green Heron #2 from Observation Blind #2

 Red-Winged Blackbird (female)

 Cedar Waxwing

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