Thursday, June 18, 2015

Checking on the Osprey Nest

I went back to Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary to check on the Osprey nest again.  Still no babies!  Wow!

Indian Cucumber Root

There are definitely fewer blooms on the forest floor these days, but I did find quite a few Indian Cucumber Root in bloom.  Their roots are edible and are said to taste like cucumber.

Banded Hairstreak

In a sunny glade with lots of ferns I found 2 Banded Hairstreaks swirling around, chasing each other.  Occasionally they would land but immediately take to the air again, making photographing one difficult.  Soon, a third one joined in the game and finally a fourth one!

I no sooner turned the corner onto the dam when a White-Tailed Deer bounded noisily into the woods.

Tree Swallow (at nest hole in snag)

With a brighter sun, it was easier to see into the Eastern Kingbird's nest.  I counted five babies.  According to All About Birds, clutch sizes range from 2-5 eggs, so this is a full house!

 Eastern Kingbird nestlings

Eastern Bluebird (female)

Blue Iris

Eastern Pondhawk

Spangled Skimmer (female)

Osprey nest
 Still incubating...

Banded Hairstreaks

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