Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back to Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

I spent my lunch hour at Waseeka.  I don't want to miss seeing the Osprey chicks, but today the parents fooled me.   They were both perched, one on the edge of the nest and one on a branch off to the side, so I thought the babies had been born.  Several moments later, though, one of the parents settled back onto the nest.  They must have just been exchanging responsibilities.

Back on the nest

Fern decorated with raindrops

Scarlet Tanager
singing at the tip-top of a dead tree

Eastern Painted Turtle

Ruby Meadowhawk (female)

Two fuzzy-headed babies were just barely visible in this nest which was way out over the water, but it was so distant that I couldn't tell what kind they were.

Aha!  It belongs to an Eastern Kingbird!

Lots of blooming water lilies

Green Heron #1 high in a snag

Green Heron #2 low in a snag

first of year Pickerel Weed

Spider web after the rain

blooming Partridgeberry

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