Friday, June 12, 2015

BHCL Does Not Disappoint

I only had time for a half hour walk at BHCL this morning.  Right out of the car, I had a Gray Catbird sighting.  I didn't think it was anything too special until I after I went home and saw the photo on the computer screen.  This catbird has a bill deformity, which puts it into the "unusual" category, at least for me!

Gray Catbird with deformed bill

The sky was stealing the show this morning.

Or was it the meadow grasses?

 juvenile European Starling #1
one of two sitting on the fence
(like we need more of them!)

juvenile European Starling #2

 adorable Song Sparrow

again, singing
(note embedded tick above eye)

Thistle buds

Large Yellow Loosestrife

I really didn't intend to walk at BHCL again at lunch, but I wasn't able to resist.  So...

 Long Dash

 juvenile American Robin

European Skipper

again on Dianthus

 Eastern Bluebird pair

 Grape Tube Galls

 Cedar Waxwing

 Common Ringlet
making good use of the new pollinator garden

The European Skippers are still puddling in the parking lot!

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