Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back to BHCL

We had heavy rain last night, but it was hot and sunny today.  Perfect conditions for butterflies.  I hoped for the best and headed to Breakneck Hill Conservation Land for my lunch walk.

Right away, I noticed lots of European Skippers puddling in the parking lot (getting minerals from the damp ground).  I only managed shots of individuals.

Northern Flicker

Just past the new pollinator garden, I was pleasantly surprised to find an Eastern Pine Elfin in the grass along the path.

 Eastern Pine Elfin

Northern Mockingbird

 Peck's Skipper

 Song Sparrow

 Silver-Spotted Skipper

 Indigo Bunting
(one of three males singing)

Northern Cloudywing

 Gray Catbird

I heard what I thought was a Black-Billed Cuckoo in this little patch of woods next to the parking lot, but when I investigated, only two catbirds flew out.  I have a feeling I was duped by a mimic.

 False Solomon's Seal

 more puddling European Skippers (by the wetlands)

 Baltimore Oriole pair (hiding in the leaves)

An evening walk was just as enjoyable.  Highlights included:

 a cooperative Silvery Blue

 Milkweed blooms are just a few days away

 American Robin

Northern Cloudywing

 Red-Winged Blackbird bringing supper to her young

 Hobomok Skipper

 Gray Catbird

 Eastern Bluebird

 Whorled Yellow Loosestrife


 Red Admiral

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