Friday, October 26, 2012

Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve

I'm in Ohio, visiting my parents and sibs.  Yesterday, we walked the boardwalk trail at Cedar Bog State Nature Preserve in Urbana, Ohio.  The naturalist at the visitor center said there wasn't much to see this time of year, but we enjoyed it.

Most of the leaves have fallen here, and most of the flowers had gone to seed, too.

We stayed ON the boardwalk!   We were advised that these snakes are very timid and would likely leave the area if they heard people, so it was not a huge concern.

After the rattlesnake area, the boardwalk passes through sedge meadows where ...even though it looked solid, the naturalist warned us that if you left the boardwalk, you would sink to your waist in the bog.

Northern Flicker

The boardwalk

We did see a couple of deer in the thicket.
One blooming wildflower on the entire trail:  my Mom identified it as Marsh Marigold.
I did see two small yellow butterflies in the parking lot on the way out.  They were tiny compared to the usual Cloudy or Orange Sulphurs....I will have to take a closer look at those photos when I am home again.

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