Monday, October 22, 2012

Cabbage White

Not every day is as fun as this past weekend was for nature sightings!  Today was almost a complete wash.  I went to Queen Isabella Drive in Ashland to check out the meadow and the urban marsh area that border Wildwood Cemetery.  The birds stayed low in the reeds and refused to come up.  There were 5 or so Orange Sulphurs flying rapidly around the freshly mown meadow looking for any potential nectar source.  Frankly, I wished them luck.  It was mowed so low that there didn't seem to be even one surviving dandelion or clover bloom left.

Here is a photo of the one Cabbage White that I spotted.  Wouldn't you just love to know this butterfly's story?  It's obviously had a rough season, with several close calls.   According to the Mass Butterfly Club web site, the flight period for a Cabbage White is March 1 - December 5, but mainly mid-April to mid-October.  It should be proud that it has survived this late into the season!

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better nature day!

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