Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Backyard Birds

Here are some of today's avian visitors.  There was a lot of activity in the trees today.  I'm not sure if it is because it is just after Hurricane Sandy, because the Georges did yard cleanup yesterday and stirred things up, or if it's just coincidence, but it sure was nice to see all these varieties!  Kinglets were the "star of the day" today!

Golden-crowned Kinglet

This was the first time I had a real good look at the gold on the crown!  Wish that little branch didn't cut into the view!

Dark-eyed Junco (lots of these around)
Hope to catch one in flight someday to get the flash of white in its tail....

White-throated Sparrow

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Black-capped Chickadee

Cardinal (female)

Robin (in flocks today)

White-throated Sparrow

We were lucky and avoided the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  We lost power for a little over two hours but otherwise just had branches and leaves to clean up.  Our thoughts are with those who are still without power and dealing with the damage the storm inflicted.  For those who are able to go trick-or-treating tonight, Happy Halloween!

Also seen but not photographed:  Tufted titmice (many), White-breasted Nuthatches (several), Red-Bellied Woodpecker (1), Downy Woodpecker (2), Cardinal (male) (3), and a Crow (1).

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