Saturday, May 30, 2015

Butterflies and Bobolinks

A short walk around the meadows at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land yielded the following birds and butterflies:

Peck's Skipper

Baltimore Oriole

Clouded Sulphur

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Dreamy Duskywing
Thanks to Sue C. for confirmation of ID.

Little Wood Satyr

Dusted Skipper
(Thanks to Sue C. for providing the ID)

Tree Swallow

In the evening, I took a short walk at Chestnut Hill Farm.

Dame's Rocket

I thought this was wild phlox, but I have since learned that phlox has five petals (like the number of letters in its name), and Dame's Rocket has four petals.  Learned something new yet again!

Bobolink (female)

Bobolink (male)

Common Ringlet

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