Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Wildflowers at Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation

I was trying to get to Westboro WMA to look for warblers, but I was stalled by terrible traffic due to road construction.  In the morning, Plan B was Breakneck Hill Conservation Land in Southboro.  At lunch, Plan B was the Walkup and Robinson Memorial Reservation in Westboro.  I'll try not to think about the beautiful warblers that were being sighted for HOURS at the location I couldn't reach.  Grrr.

On the positive side, here are the highlights from my morning walk:

(first one seen at BHCL this spring, so am including lousy record shot)

 Savannah Sparrow

 Baltimore Oriole

 a pair

I was actually surprised to see two pairs of Baltimore Orioles in the same tree.  They must have been having a convention.  They weren't together long before one pair chased the other pair off, but it was pretty neat to see four at once!

 and again, one of the females

 Bush honeysuckle??
Autumn-olive (Elaeagnus umbellata)
(Thanks to Josh F. for providing the ID)

 The meadows are growing and looking lush.

 Eastern Bluebird carrying food

 Gray Catbird with nesting materials

At home, between walks:

 Chipping Sparrow with nesting materials

 Lilacs are just about peak bloom now

Mama Bluebird, still taking good care of her brood

And here are the highlights from my lunch break:


Juvenal's Duskywing
(one of many seen flying on the leaf-covered trails)

 May Apple

 Pine Warbler

 Wild Geranium (aka Spotted Cranesbill)


 Hermit Thrush
Thanks to Josh F., again, for the correct ID!

 Pink Ladyslipper

 Wild Oats


  1. Dawn: Your first plant photo (7th from the top) is Autumn-olive (Elaeagnus umbellata). Notice the silver speckles all over the foliage. Look for the edible berries (red with silver speckles) in autumn.

  2. And I think the "Hermit Thrush" may be an Ovenbird...