Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby Killdeer at Hopkinton State Park

I went to Hopkinton State Park twice today.  During my lunch break, it was lightly raining and not very good for bird and butterfly photos.  After work, the sun came out and although it was humid, it was the best part of the day.  I took a different route and found a baby Killdeer!  Love, love, love!

As if that wasn't good enough, then I found some butterflies!

Robin's Plantain (a native fleabane)

 Pearl Crescent

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 American Copper
giving me the evil eye


Barn Swallows have nests all over the beach house (and maybe inside, too).  I've always wanted to come back and see the babies, but never have since they start charging an entrance fee on Memorial Day.  Maybe this year....

 Barn Swallow

The above shot was taken at lunchtime when it was still raining, but I like how the colors show up so well in this light.

So bored.  Giant yawn.

The nests of barn swallows are not pretty.  It looks like they built this year's nests right on top of last year's nest.  They are just so messy and there always seems to be a lot of bird poop around.

I stopped to check on the lady slippers.  There were about 2 dozen in bloom.  Some had rain drops on them still.  So pretty.  One looked just like a face.  See if you can see it.

 Do you see the face?

 Gray Catbird

Baltimore Oriole
(one of three seen)

Killdeer (adult)

Spotted Sandpiper

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