Saturday, May 30, 2015

Butterflies at Hopkinton State Park

Hoping for some baby ducks or geese, I headed to Hopkinton State Park yesterday for my lunch break.  Boy, were there a lot of people there swimming, hiking, walking dogs and pushing baby carriages.  It was noisy, and I did not find a single baby duck.  There were about 12 Canada geese, all adults, and they are not very interesting to me.

I did see the following butterflies and dragonflies:

Not sure about the ID on this one

 American Copper

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

 Common Ringlet

 Pearl Crescent and Peck's Skipper

This is the little stream bed I walk around, down one side and up the other.  It's a good spot for wildlife.

 Blue-Eyed Grass

 Common Whitetail (female)

 Stream Cruiser


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  1. Great to see the butterflies you saw today. Two species there that we also get in Scotland - the American (or as we call it Small) Copper and the Common Ringlet, which we call the Small Heath! The weather hasn't been kind here for butterflies, but I have still manage to see a few!