Sunday, May 17, 2015

Visit to Ponemah Bog

After someone posted photos from Ponemah Bog, a New Hampshire Audubon Sanctuary in Amherst, NH, I just had to visit.  It was wonderful!

Most of the path through the bog was on narrow wooden boardwalks that sometimes moved under my weight, sometimes sunk until water sloshed over the top, but most times were dry and still.  There were Eastern Towhees singing on all sides.  Blooming pink Rhodora and fuzzy Tawny Cotton Grass lined the trail.   I thoroughly enjoyed this new habitat and new place and am so glad I did!

 The trail
(You had to pay attention and hope that no one came from the other direction!)

(native to North America)

Pink paradise!

 Tawny Cotton Grass

 and the grassy part of the plant

Eastern Forktail

 A Baltimore Oriole and an Eastern Kingbird battled it out in this tree!

 Bog Laurel

 Common Yellowthroat


 Highbush Blueberry

 Eastern Towhee

 Song Sparrow

 The pond

The sanctuary features a three-acre pond surrounded by a floating spaghnum mat and encircled by upland oak-pine woods.  The bog resulted from the last receding glacier, which left a kettle hole pond in the Souhegan River outwash plain.

There were lots of moths and some butterflies, but only this type of moth cooperated for a photo.

 Eastern Bluebird

 Bog Rosemary

Northern Bluet

 Spring Azure

By the way, "Ponemah" refers to the "land of the hereafter" from Longfellow's "Hiawatha".

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