Friday, May 22, 2015

Scarlet Tanagers at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

Sometimes I visit Waseeka and see hardly anything at all.  On those days, I take photos of mushrooms!  Today was not one of those days.    The first bird I saw when I hit the trail was a beautiful Scarlet Tanager.  Of course, it was high in the tree, but so what?!

Scarlet Tanager

Pink Ladyslipper


 A double Starflower!

Canada Goose family!
(my first goslings of 2015)

They appear to be good friends already!

 Pearl Crescent (one of nine seen)

 Blue-Eyed Grass

still incubating those eggs

Fringed Milkwort

 Great Blue Heron (one of four)

Chalk-Fronted Corporal

 Pearl Crescent

 Green Heron 
(It was on the dam but I didn't see it until it flew away.)

Now, remember that wonderful bird I saw when I first hit the trail?  Well, there was another one in a tree over the water, and it was closer to me, lower to the ground, and therefore doubly gorgeous!

 Scarlet Tanager #2

I was left with the impression that no visitors had been in the sanctuary recently, and all the wildlife was out and about, but it could just be because it's May!  Who knows?

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