Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Evening Walk at BHCL

I tried to go to Hopkinton State Park this morning, but the gates were locked.  I went to the car top boat ramp instead.  I found some patches of wildflowers there, including this Wood Anemone mixed with Dwarf Ginseng.

I couldn't walk at lunchtime today, and boy, did I miss it.   Since I had the chance, I took a walk during the last hour of daylight.  It was a little buggy, but it definitely helped melt away the stress of the day.

 Eastern Bluebird

 Great Blue Heron flyover

 Chipping Sparrow

Common Strawberry

 Red-Winged Blackbird

By the way, there are baby Bluebirds in the nest box at my house!  I peeked the other day.  Don't ask me how many, but I assume all five eggs hatched.  They were ugly and naked and tiny and most of them were sleeping.  One had its beak gaping open.  They were not making any noise at all.  I only looked a few seconds because I didn't want to draw any attention to them or make the parents too anxious.  According to All About Birds, the nestling period can last up to 3 weeks, so I'll have another chance to peek at them.

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  1. The bottom half of your top photo contains lots of Dwarf Ginseng (Panax trifolius), one of my favorite spring ephemerals.