Friday, May 8, 2015

Warblers and More

I forced myself out of bed early enough to search out some warblers before work.  The bugs weren't bad this morning, although to be fair, it was a different location.

Anyway, here are the morning's highlights:

 Gray Catbird

Catbirds were everywhere!  I saw more of this species than just about any other, except maybe American Robins.

 Warbling Vireo

 Yellow-Rumped Warbler

 Yellow Warbler

 Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

 another Yellow-Rumped Warbler

 Blue-Winged Warbler
singing to the rising sun

Baltimore Oriole

It was really hard to tear myself away and head back to the house to work.  

I met Freddie at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land for lunch, hoping to see more warblers.  It was quiet and we didn't see too many birds.

 Savannah Sparrow

Not as many in sight compared to that day I saw about 30, but we saw about five fly Savannah Sparrows out of the grass in the same area down by the pond.  

Eastern Bluebird

Meanwhile, back at home:

 Broad-Winged Hawk

The hawks seem to like this particular branch on the tree outside my office window.  This one brought a little mouse or mole to snack on.

When I looked out the bathroom window, I saw this Ruby-Throated Hummingbird land on a small branch.  She was waiting to fly down to the feeder for a drink.  I ran for the camera, and she returned to the same branch after her drink and preened for a while, giving me plenty of photo ops.

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