Thursday, August 14, 2014

White M Hairstreak at BHCL

Yesterday we had heavy rain showers throughout the day.  Raindrops were still decorating many parts of the meadows.

(Showcasing how it was named, for the way raindrops cling to its leaves.)

 #78 enjoying some fresh grass

Phlox and Goldenrod

 Eastern Bluebird

 House Wren

Not sure about this one...

In the afternoon, I returned to BHCL in spite of thinking I should really go somewhere to look for sandpipers.  In my driveway, I found these two insects before I left:

 Leaf-Footed Bug nymph

 Underwing Moth species
(quite a large sized moth and very beautiful coloring when you look closely)

The underwings, if it opens its wings, are beautiful and brightly colored.  They are hidden when the moth is in this position by these darker, blander overwings.  It's like a moth with a secret!

Coincidence or not, I ended up finding a sandpiper in the pond abutting BHCL!

Spotted Solitary Sandpiper
(Wind on the water made for some pretty ripples.)
Thanks to Josh F. for correcting the ID!

Spotted Solitary Sandpiper

 Blue Jay w/ a snack

 Northern Cardinal

 Tachinid Fly


 Cuckoo Wasp

Usually, the first sunny day after a terribly rainy day is a great day for butterflies.  It was breezy and only in the 70s today, and there weren't many butterflies around, but I did have some interesting sightings.

White M Hairstreak


If I had been paying better attention, maybe I would have realized that this was not one of the usual butterflies that I see at BHCL.  I didn't realize it until after I was at home and looked at it closely on the computer.  Too bad, because I didn't end up with a good photo of it.  Rats!!  The only other White M Hairstreak I have seen since I began looking at butterflies was on the ski slope at Blue Hills Reservation.  So, today's sighting in my own local patch was a real treat!

Eastern Tailed Blue

There is an area where there had been water troughs set up for the Belted Galloway cows at BHCL.  They are not currently being used, but the ground is still broken up around it from the cows, and there are quite a few cow patties there too.  Today, there were three butterflies there.

Peck's Skipper (1 of 2)

Common Wood Nymph


  1. I think you may have found a Solitary Sandpiper, rather than a Spotted. Are the two sandpiper photos of the same bird?

    1. Hi again, Josh,
      I just changed the ID to Solitary. Thanks for your feedback. I watched a video of a Solitary and think that head bobbing vs. tail bobbing may be a little hard to tell apart! LOL.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Interesting. In southern England there is a White-letter Hairstrek, Satyrium w-album. I wonder how closely related it is to your White M Hairstreak? Lovely to see pictures of butterflies. It has been quite rainy here.