Friday, August 1, 2014

Norma Johnson Conservation Center

Robin and I visited the Norma Johnson Conservation Center several times to look for butterflies.  She's lucky to have such a beautiful spot so close to her house!  Quite near the parking lot, there was a patch of coneflowers that was attracting a variety of butterflies, and we saw a Monarch here, too.

 Silver-Spotted Skipper

Red Admiral


Spicebush Swallowtail

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

possible Northern Crescent

Meadow Fritillaries

Pearl Crescents


On one of the woodland paths, we came across this beautiful moth.

Clymene Moth

We also walked nearby at The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio.

Fuller's Teasel
(which I mistakenly thought was a neat type of thistle)

Northern Pearly-Eye

possible Skimming Bluet

again, mating

Eastern Amberwing

American Germander, a member of the mint family

Sparrow (variety unknown)

I should add that there were nice nature sightings right in Robin's backyard, including a nesting American Robin with two almost-ready-to-fledge babies and Eastern Fox Squirrels (black form).

 Eastern Fox Squirrels (black forms)


  1. Great selection of pictures. That moth is amazing. I wish we had more like that here, rather than all of the brown ones I can't identify! It is a lovely time of year with so much happening in the natural world.

    1. Yes, that moth is a stunner! It is a great time of year, and it's flying by! Days are getting shorter.....