Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rare Mustachioed Goldfinch at BHCL

Just kidding!  Actually, this is quite a common sight now that thistle has begun to go to seed.  Don't you just love how goldfinches look with a mouthful of fluff?

American Goldfinch (female)

 American Goldfinch (male)

the wetlands
(currently boasting cattails, purple loosestrife, goldenrod, Joe pye weed) 

Little did I know, this was the calm before the storm.  I had just barely made it past the wetlands when the skies opened and a drenching rainstorm passed through.  Thank goodness I had my camera bag with built-in rain cover!  I almost never walk without it, because that way I don't have to worry about the weather, batteries running out, cell phone location, etc.  Today it sure paid off.  There would have been no way to keep my camera dry in that deluge!  I stood under a tree for a while, but it did not let up, or even lighten up (even though the sun never stopped shining the entire time), and eventually I walked through it to the car and was soaked to the skin.

Tiger Bee Fly

 Purple Loosestrife
(an invasive, but pretty!)

 Northern Mockingbird (there was a pair near the wetlands)

in the community garden

Viceroy (at home before I left)

After work, I found a dry pair of sneakers and headed back to BHCL for a second walk.  I quickly saw two Monarchs but both were in a hurry to go somewhere else and I didn't get any photos.  The rest of the walk was pretty quiet, nature-wise, but I did run into my friend and neighbor, Beth and finished up my walk with her!

 Bull Thistle (against goldenrod background)

Tachinid Fly
(Archytus species)

 Eastern Bluebirds, holding court in the treetop

Common Ringlet 
lit up by the sinking sun

Thick-Headed Fly

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