Monday, August 4, 2014

Bluebird Feeding Time at BHCL

Greedy, greedy, greedy.  I didn't get enough of Breakneck Hill at lunchtime.  I wanted another walk.  I wanted a monarch.  I did get to see one!  But that wasn't good enough.  Of course, I wanted a photo of a monarch.  I chased it but lost it and came home with no photo.

It didn't matter too much.  There was so much to see, as usual.  What a wonderful place!

Eastern Bluebird

Feeding Time

Eastern Kingbird

Stink Bug
Black & Yellow Mud Dauber (I think)

Queen Anne's Lace
(if only that extra stem wasn't there!)

again, lit by the sinking sun

Red Milkweed Beetles

Indigo Bunting
(He is starting to molt out of his breeding plumage.)

Indigo Bunting (female)

And closer of the male...gorgeous!

Milkweed leaf
(Some of it is turning beautiful colors in the back meadow.  But,'s too soon!)

Small Milkweed Bugs

Meanwhile, the clouds and the setting sun were painting a beautiful sky.

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