Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Blooms and Butterflies

In my own yard:

Great Spangled Fritillary


Red-Spotted Purple

At lunchtime, I checked out my favorite Main St. garden/picket fence line in Hopkinton.  Sadly, not a single butterfly was in the garden while I was there.

Next I took a quick walk through Weston Nurseries.  Besides Cabbage Whites, the only other butterfly I saw was a Painted Lady.  It happened to be the first one I have seen in Massachusetts this year, so that was nice, but I didn't get a very good photo.  Only a record shot....

Painted Lady

With a few more minutes to spare, I stopped next at the Ashland Community Gardens and checked out the butterfly garden.  Again, Cabbage Whites were in the majority, but there was also one Great Spangled Fritillary and one Peck's Skipper.

 Great Spangled Fritillary




Peck's Skipper

After work, I decided to check out the Cut Paper Art Exhibit at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  The exhibit was displayed directly across from windows, and the glare was terrible.  I'll include these photos to give you an idea of the beautiful art and the intricacy of the cutting.  

Since the gardens were open, I had to walk through them.

 Elephant Ear



 Flowering Tobacco

Scarlet Sage


Marigold "Paprika"

And of course, I wandered through some of the meadows, too.

Thistle gone to seed

Common Ringlet

Thread-waisted Wasps

Milkweed Tussock Moth caterpillar

A beautiful, tiny moth;
Will work on ID later.


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