Thursday, August 28, 2014

Green Heron at Beals Preserve

I took a morning walk at BHCL today.  The sky was the star of the show this morning and the clouds were just beautiful.

 I did see a lot of nice birds, too.   Several tree tops were decorated with Eastern Bluebirds.

 Eastern Bluebirds

 House Finch (female)

House Finch (male)

 American Goldfinches

 Pine Warbler (?)

Mourning Dove

In the afternoon, I took a walk at Beals Preserve.  On the way there, I noticed a red fox in someone's front yard, so I stopped and took some photos!  He/she was very itchy!


On to Beals Preserve....I saw a Green Heron and three Eastern Painted Turtles sunning themselves at the Ice Pond.

 Green Heron

 Eastern Painted Turtles

I walked down to the channel, looking for butterflies as I went.  There was a lot of Joe Pye Weed in bloom but very little flying.  I did see a couple of Common Ringlets, one Common Wood Nymph and two Clouded Sulphurs.

Common Wood Nymph

Clouded Sulphur

Red Tailed Hawk (on the wires)

Northern Mockingbird (sure looks like a juvenile)

Eastern Phoebe

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