Monday, August 18, 2014

Afternoon Visit to Tower Hill Botanic Garden

I stopped at Tower Hill yesterday afternoon just before they closed.

The hibiscus in the secret garden immediately caught my eye with its beautiful huge blooms and bright pink color.


Right next to the hibiscus, some garden phlox continued the pink theme.

Garden Phlox

I checked the fountain for frogs.  As usual, I didn't notice them at first glance, but after taking a slow, careful look, I found three.  They all happened to be using a "fingertip" on a lily pad to hold their position in the water.

 Black-Eyed Susan

Smooth Hydrangea

 Blackberry Lilies

 Angel's Trumpet

"Nana" Dwarf Hydrangea

I took a walk through the meadows, too, hoping to see some butterflies, but by this time clouds were rolling in and the temperature was on the cool side.  There really wasn't much flying at all.

 Queen Anne's Lace

Gray Catbird eating fruit

 This section of the meadow is just gorgeous!

 Common Ringlet

 Eastern Tailed Blue

Tachinid Fly

At this time of year, I usually check the children's vegetable gardens for American Goldfinches among the sunflowers.  While I was there, a gentleman stopped by and mentioned that not enough children signed up this year to run the program.  How sad!  The garden beds are still planted, though.

The end to another beautiful summer day!

I can't believe I forgot about the papercut art exhibit that is taking place indoors.  Oh, how I wished I would have gone in!  Rats!!

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