Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hanging onto Summer at BHCL

NOOOOOO!  It can't be!  I was walking down the trail when a leaf fluttered to the ground directly in front of me.  A red, orange and gold leaf.  A FALL leaf.  OK.  I admit that it's pretty, but still.....I am NOT ready for the summer to be over!

Large-Toothed Aspen leaf

It was another quiet day at BHCL but I did get a couple photos.

Goldenrod Soldier Beetles

 Northern Mockingbird

Ruby Meadowhawk

 Eastern Tailed-Blue

Great Spangled Fritillary

Back at home, a Balloon Flower was looking really beautiful in the sunlight.

While I was photographing the Balloon Flower, a Northern Cardinal was keeping an eye on me from above.

Northern Cardinal

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