Sunday, April 21, 2013

MBC Trip to Arlington's Great Meadow

This was my 2nd Massachusetts Butterfly Club field trip for 2013.  It was only 43 degrees when we met up, so we weren't expecting to see much, but towards the end of the walk it warmed up and we started to see Spring Azures (3) and Mourning Cloak (1).  No elfins, though, which is one variety I have not yet seen (excluding Pine Elfin) and I was really hoping to get the guidance on that type!  Better luck next time.  It was a nice outing, though, good weather and good people and pointers on locations at this spot for the future.

On my way there, I drove past Wilson Farm in Lexington and just had to stop to take a photo of their beautiful pansy field.  I'm glad I didn't wait until my drive home because they were digging them up while we hiked and the field was practically gone in two hours' time!

I think he was too cold to move.  I was able to get pretty close!

Spring Azure

You know you're with "professionals" when people spot these tiny butterflies on the ground.  When they fly, there's a blue tinge to the wings that you can spot.  But while they are still on leaves on the ground?  I was impressed!

Spring Azure

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