Saturday, April 13, 2013

Massachusetts Butterfly Club Field Trip

The 2nd Mass Butterfly Club field trip of 2013 was scheduled for 11-1 today at the Sherborn Power Lines.   While it's not the most beautiful place to hike, there are habitats for multiple species of butterflies there.

The sun was trying hard to peak out between the clouds, and the temperature was only in the low 40s when I left home.  There was not much chance of seeing butterflies unless the sun worked its way out and the temperature rose.....but we tried anyway.

One woman on the walk turned over a large rock and found a Red-bellied Snake.  I never saw one of those before!

We walked from about 11:30 to 1:30 (after arranging parking and carpooling to the far end of the power lines, leaving half the cars at the start.  We immediately saw a couple Eastern Bluebirds and several Field Sparrows and heard a Pine Warbler, although I never saw it.  About halfway into the walk, it did warm up enough that I took my jacket off.  We saw a couple of Eastern Phoebes, a Northern Mockingbird and several Red-Tailed Hawks.

Eastern Phoebe

Red-Tailed Hawk

Barbara spotted a Spring Azure.  I was surprised at how well my photo turned out, because it was in a tricky position under some branches.

Spring Azure

A little bit later we saw a Mourning Cloak, but it flew off before everyone could see it.  Then, we did all see one that was a little tattered and worn and cooperated for a photo.

Mourning Cloak

It was nice to be outside, but compared to last year at this time, the butterflies were few and far between!


Preying Mantis egg case

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