Monday, April 29, 2013

Barn Swallows

The back cover of the Mass Audubon Society Sanctuary newsletter always has an outdoor almanac with important dates for nature lovers.  The April 29th entry says:  "Brown thrashers, towhees, house wrens, barn swallows, and chimney swifts return."

Coincidentally, I saw my first Barn Swallows this morning, April 29th, at Hopkinton State Park!  I realized I was near their nest when one of them flew directly towards my head, calling out warnings as it approached.  I actually ducked!  Later, I spotted their nesting box.  I hope they are successful.  It's right in the heart of a very busy area.

 Barn Swallow #1

Barn Swallow #2 (bad lighting)

When I returned home, the local birds were all making a lot more noise than usual.  I walked out of the garage to see if I could determine the cause and noticed a Turkey Vulture perched on the chimney of our neighbor's home.  Hope they are OK!!!!  That's the first time I've ever seen a Turkey Vulture on someone's house!

Turkey Vulture

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