Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farm Pond

And just like that, we've turned our backs on Winter and embraced Spring wholeheartedly.  Daffodils are in bloom everywhere (except my yard which has a lot of shade).

Trees are heavily budded.   I saw two magnolias in bloom!   Eastern Painted Turtles are sunning themselves on every available log, stick, rock and tire in the ponds.  Birds are singing.  The sky is blue and the temperature is above 70.  I also saw two Mourning Cloak butterflies here, but neither would cooperate for a photo.  A beautiful day!

Turtle beach

Song Sparrow
(nice camouflage)

Mute Swan
(one of 63 there today)

 poss. Eastern Phoebe?

 so lonely compared to the others!

 Mallard (female)

 Mallard (male)

 This photo doesn't really give you the perspective of just how small this turtle was, but look at the leaves for comparison!  It was tiny!

 The first kayaker I've seen out on the pond!

  Farm Pond is quite polluted.  You can't always tell from my photos.  
I also saw lots of plastic bottles, a solitary black flip flop and lots of cans.

Great Blue Heron

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