Saturday, September 15, 2012

Migrating Monarchs

My sister and I headed to the North Shore today, stopping first in Rockport for our traditional walk out on Bear Skin Neck.  We love Rockport shops, scenic views and of course, fresh fish!

Motif #1

Beautiful gardens/container plantings

Red and White Rose

After lunch and our fill of shops, we drove on to Halibut Point State Park to do a short hike.  It was beautiful, walking down near the rocks along the shore and seeing monarchs and a few other varieties of butterflies fluttering throughout the area.

Northern Bluet

Orange Sulphur

Long-Dash Skipper

Pearl Crescent

Cabbage White

After our hike, we decided we would make one more stop, at Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary in East Gloucester.  This Mass Audubon sanctuary is a hot spot for migrating monarchs in mid-September.  It was perfect timing!  We counted at least 20+ monarchs on the drive in and then were blown away by the massive numbers nectaring on goldenrod around the parking lot of the sanctuary.  Impossible to keep count!  And breathtakingly beautiful to see so many at one time in one place.  I wish I could share with you how great an experience this was!  There was a woman videotaping the monarchs and as she neared them, they would float up around her in clusters and then relocate to goldenrod again.  

Blue ocean, blue skies, lavender-edged clouds, orange monarchs, yellow goldenrod....A truly beautiful afternoon!  I only wish these photos could do it justice!  If you can make it to Eastern Point in mid-September, please do!  It's a wonderful, wondrous sight!

[Please click on photos to enlarge them.]

And a first-of-year sighting of a Common Buckeye, to boot!  

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