Sunday, September 16, 2012

Double Crested Cormorants

My sister and I walked along the Cape Cod Canal today.  Double Crested Cormorants were the bird of the day.   [Click on photos to enlarge]

We walked the path from the visitor center (Sandwich, MA) all the way out to the breakwater.  Cormorants were diving all along the edge of the canal the entire way.  I hoped that one time I might catch a photo of one coming up with a fish.  Well, I did catch a photo of one coming up with something, but it was not a fish!

When he first surfaced from his dive, whatever he caught managed to get away.  He soon grabbed it again from the surface of the water.  You can't tell from these photos, but he was whipping it around and slapping it against the water.

After his "dinner" or snack, he had to wash up.  This involved a lot of shimmying, dipping and shaking.

 .... and dry off!

In case you haven't been to Cape Cod Canal, this was our view to the West.

Sagamore Bridge

This was our view to the East.

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  1. I went biking on that path the other day and spotted the same bird! Isn't it a beauty!