Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Butterfly Feeding Frenzy

There was a nice variety of butterflies nectaring on the butterfly bushes today:  multiple monarchs, 1 great spangled fritillary, 2 Peck's Skippers and 1 Zabulon Skipper.

Monarchs are stopping by in large numbers (for me, anyway)!  Tonight after work there were 12 on the white bush (still in full sun) and 8 on the purple bushes (shaded) - all at the same time.  It is exciting to know that they are stocking up on calories for the trip south to Mexico!  I love how they look against the evening sunlight shining through the the trees.

Monarch (male)

Great Spangled Fritillary

Zabulon Skipper (male)

 Here you can see how crowded the bush was getting.  Some fought for what they felt was a favored bloom and forced others into flight.  It was pretty fun to watch!

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