Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Rain, rain, rain... and the Patriots were not looking too good in the 1st half of today's game.  The sun started to show through the clouds, so I grabbed my camera bag and drove over to Concord.  It was pretty dark looking in that direction, and began misting during the drive, but I remained hopeful.  There was plenty of parking because of the poor weather, and after just about 20 minutes, the sun came out, some of the clouds cleared away, and it was a lovely time for a hike.

I had a gut feeling that today would be my day to see a Sora.  When I walked out on the boardwalk, I looked off all sides and saw nothing.  But, apparently, it was there, and I spooked it, because it squawked loudly as it lifted off into flight.  I was in shock watching it go, and never got a good photo!  Still, it was awesome to see it, and I know that there is a chance I can find it there again.

Here are some of my other birding highlights:

 Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron #2

Great Blue Heron #3 (do you see it?)

 Song Sparrow

 Swamp Sparrow

Red-Winged Blackbird (female)

There were a couple kinds of warblers eating seeds on the sides of the trail.  I was watching them, and taking photos, when suddenly a marsh hark came in low over the reeds on the left side of the trail and zig zagged from weed to weed, trying to catch one of the birds.  He didn't have any luck, and I was in shock (again) and got no photos except for his departing flight.

Marsh Hawk

 Palm Warbler

 Palm Warbler staring at me

Palm Warbler

Pretty foliage this year!

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