Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leonard's Skipper

Today I joined the Massachusetts Butterfly Club again for a field trip, this time to the Sherborn Power Lines in Sherborn, MA.    This walk was more challenging than last week's, as we were often not on trails and the walking surface was uneven (to put it mildly).  I had sprayed well against ticks but never imagined that I should have sprayed from the neck down.  We were trudging through some pretty high foliage at times!  Live and learn!

I saw two butterflies of note on this trip.

1.  Viceroy (first sighting this year)  No photo.  :(

2.  Leonard's Skipper (first sighting ever)  Managed to get some photos!

Leonard's Skipper 

Other sightings:

American Lady

Appalachian Brown

Common Green Darner (female)

Pearl Crescents

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

This spider had just caught the grasshopper (bottom left corner) and was busily wrapping it up in a silk prison when we came up to it.  Then, it hurried up to its 2nd catch to wrap that one up, too.  Kind of scary to be walking around in a meadow filled with these huge spiders.  We saw 3.  I wonder how many we didn't see......

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