Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Westboro WMA

I took a look around the Sudbury Reservoir Trail this morning before work.   There wasn't a ton of bird activity, but it was an absolutely beautiful morning.

Common Grackle

Look at that sky!

Northern Parula

Baltimore Oriole, securing its woven nest

My favorite tree, greening up!

Eastern Bluebird

Had to check the Mute Swan nest.  Still incubating.

Love the early morning light...

I had no plans to go birding after work, but I felt compelled to and ended up at Westboro WMA.

Love the evening light!

Yellow Warbler

One-Flowered Cancer Root

Its single flower tops a slender, pale, leafless stalk.  It is an annual parasitic herb, tapping its feeder roots into many different species of plants.  I was very excited to find it, because I knew it was a plant that I had not seen before, and I hoped, hoped, hoped it was a native species.  It was!  (I may have to go back and try for a better photo when the flowers are more open.)

Gray Catbird

Baltimore Oriole

Eastern Kingbird

Yellow Warbler

American Redstart (female) with a fresh worm

What a beauty (same bird)!

Yellow-Throated Vireo
This species strikes me as being very curious.  

Again, what a beauty!

Baltimore Oriole

Mute Swan

And I closed out the walk enjoying the lovely evening light shining through the trees next to my parked car:

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