Friday, May 20, 2016

Good Nature Day!

Last night we had heavy rain, and this morning the sun was shining, so.....I knew there's be sparkling dew at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, and my goal was to get photos of the Wild Geraniums with dew on them.

Song Sparrow

An unexpected bonus was a beautiful close Rose-Breasted Grosbeak sighting!   He wasn't the least bit shy and continued to eat his green worms for breakfast while I enjoyed watching him.

As I headed over to the area with Wild Geraniums, I paused to look at birds around the pond.  I noticed this one, tail bobbing, near the water's edge.

 American Pipit
Northern Waterthrush (a life bird!)
Thanks to Josh F. (among others) for straightening me out on this one!

Wild Geranium

Yellow Warbler

Gray Catbird

I took my lunchbreak at Breakneck Hill as well.  I found new beautiful things to focus on!

Wild Oats

Silvery Blue


Dreamy Duskywing

 Northern Cloudywing


Pink Ladyslipper

Eastern Bluebird (female)

After work, Freddie and I went on a bird walk with the Forbush Bird Club, to Bolton Flats and Pine Hills in Lancaster.

Willow Flycatcher

Swamp Sparrow

Grasshopper Sparrow 

American Woodcocks were peenting, and Whippoorwills were calling.  It was a lovely evening to be outside (in spite of the rather large mosquitoes!)


  1. While American Pipits have similar body movements, the tail bobber you photographed looks like a Northern Waterthrush.

    1. Thanks, Josh! On my bird walk Friday night, several folks mentioned that they thought it was a bit late for Pipits. I meant to look back at this again, but never took the time. Now I have a new life bird!