Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Waseeka Wildflowers and BHCL Sunset

Both sides of the path were filled with blooming or about-to-be-blooming wildflowers today.  Very beautiful!

Fringed Milkwort

Tufted Titmouse

White-Crowned Sparrow

This was a fun surprise!  He was hopping along the grassy path behind an American Robin, and I kept sneaking closer until I could get him in a photo.  However, branches ended up blocking the views in both.  You can still tell exactly what beautiful kind of sparrow it is, and that is what counts.

Black Aronia

Very weird water bugs

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Bluebird

gorgeous Starflowers

 and more

Had enough yet?

Indian Cucumber, not yet in bloom

Something about the position of this plant, with the other one behind it, made me think of graceful dancing ballerinas.

In the evening, Freddie and I took a walk around Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  

Song Sparrow
a good provider for the family


 A gorgeous evening

Tufted Titmice apparently setting up housekeeping in this tree hole,
Bluebirds looked at it last year but never moved in.  I looked inside but couldn't see anything.

Wild Columbine still in bloom

Indigo Bunting



A quick turn through the woods revealed more than a dozen ladyslippers emerging, but only one pink bloom fully out.

Wild Oats

Spotted Cranesbill
just coming into bloom

Where did the time go?  The sun set as we headed back to the car.

Beautiful sky.  Beautiful land.  Beautiful way to close out the day.

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