Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Birding Heaven at BHCL

Tree Swallows, setting up housekeeping

 Savannah Sparrow

Gray Catbird

 Indigo Bunting in a blossoming apple tree

I saw a flash of blue fly into the apple tree, and it took me a second to spot it against the blue sky.  It blended in so well!  What a breath-taking beauty!


 Magnolia Warbler

The tall oak bordering the pond on the far side of the property has been very popular with warblers.  Those leaf buds contain a lot of worms.  This beauty was not easy to spot, either, due to its yellow and black coloring blending in so well with the new leaf growth, but oh! when it came out in the open!  What a sight to see!

 Love, love love!

Eastern Bluebird

Baltimore Oriole

Birds seen:
  1. American Goldfinch
  2. Baltimore Oriole
  3. Black-Capped Chickadee
  4. Canada goose (flyover)
  5. Chipping Sparrow
  6. Eastern Bluebird
  7. Gray Catbird
  8. House Sparrow
  9. Indigo Bunting
  10. Magnolia Warbler
  11. Mourning Dove
  12. Northern Cardinal
  13. Northern Parula
  14. Red-Winged Blackbird
  15. Savannah Sparrow
  16. Song Sparrow
  17. Tree Swallow
  18. Yellow Warbler
  19. Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Never having enough, I met Freddie at BHCL again from 1-2.  It was definitely so much quieter than the early morning, but highlights included:

Savannah Sparrow

 some kind of Chickweed?

Yellow Warbler

Red Columbine

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